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when you flirt with the bae


The tattooed chest of a portuguese criminal who died in Lisbon circa 1880. The identity of the man is not known. The tattooed skin was removed from the body to avoid detection in dissections, as the bodies of criminals and outlaws were used for studies. Hundreds of peices of tattooed skin are preserved to this day at the Santa Maria Hospital in Lisbon.

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Just spent my evening vandalizing subway stations for the sake of reminding NY folk that it is fully legal for women & female-bodied individuals to be topless and comfortable in public


spread this info

yeah so good!!!!!!!!!

It’s legal?! F yeah! That makes me happy for some reason even if is never do. I guess I like that the option is there

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our next 44 presidents should be women

Your next 44 presidents should be people who can responsibly lead your country with minimal fuck ups regardless of gender

Damn son amen


I go to a women’s college. We have a walkway where bricks can be purchased by alumnae. Most just say names or class years/mascots. But this one. This one is special. It speaks to me.

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